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42% of your home's heat loss is through the attic and roof. Unlike eShield 11000™, ordinary insulation doesn't protect your home from radiant heat transfer. eShield reflects heat, rather than holding it—keeping the temperature of your home comfortable and independent from the outside temperature.

  • Stops over 97% percent of radiant heat transfer, the primary source of energy loss
  • Made of fire-resistant material
  • Works for the life of your home without settling
  • Will not contribute to condensation or mold growth in your house
  • No dangerous fibers / hypo allergenic
  • Needs no maintenance or replacement and will not result in decreased R-value, due to moisture or settling, as seen with ordinary insulation
  • Enhances the effectiveness of existing insulation

By utilizing the same thermal-reflective insulation technology used by astronauts in space, eShield resists heat transfer through emission and reflects radiant energy from the sun, keeping heat in your home when the weather is cold, and keeps it out when the weather is hot. eShield 11000™ limits convection and conduction heat transfer with one-quarter inch fiberglass core bonded between scrim-reinforced layers of 99% pure aluminum.

Heat can be transferred in and out of your home in three ways; conduction, convection and emission. Almost all of the energy lost in your home is through emission (radiant heat transfer). eShield 11000's high E-value and R-value of 11.6 results in better prevention of radiant heat transfer than any form of mass insulation.

With eShield Energy Barrier, radiant energy from the sun is deflected in the summer and interior warmth is retained in the winter.

>  View video of attic after eShield installation

eShield can be installed over existing insulation in your attic rafters or joists. Your heating and cooling requirements and attic configuration will determine the best installation method for your home.

eShield is an environmentally friendly and effective insulation for use in any residential area:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Floors
  • Crawlspaces

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* Valid with purchase and installation of eShield Attic Energy Barrier, Eco Insulation or Energy Reflective Window Film. Minimum 150 SF purchase of the Window Film required to qualify. Installation of Energy Makeover Kit not included.